Online Munaqasyah Session:


Procedure for Legalizing FITK UIN Jakarta Diploma:

  • Isi form online di sini atau scan barcode berikut:
  • Submit photocopies (diplomas/transcripts/SKPI/Educator Certificates) at the 2nd floor FITK Academic Section (maximum 5 copies each)
  • Legalization takes approximately 7 working days
  • Legalization that is not collected within a maximum of 3 months will be destroyed


Course Leave Procedures

  1. Purpose
    So that students can manage their leave properly according to the academic calendar
  2. Scope
    All students who wish to apply for a leave letter must fulfill the requirements for a leave letter by fulfilling the specified requirements.

III. Reference
Academic Guidelines

  1. Very related to main duties, very related to legal regulations, related to society.
  2. Tools
  3. Procedures
  1. Active Students
  2. Submit a leave application to the Dean (download letter form here) with the following conditions:
    a. Proof of Registration as an active Student
    b. KHS obtained
    c. PA Lecturer/Department/Prodi Approval Letter
  3. Submit a leave request to the Chancellor of the CQ AAKK Bureau (there are times when it is accepted and rejected).
  4. If accepted, validate your finances and pay to the bank, and if accepted, you are still an active student
  5. A leave decision letter is issued, taken by submitting proof of leave payment to the bank
  6. Copy to the Dean/Prodi and finance department
  7. Students declared on leave
  8. Students pay according to the academic calendar
  9. Active student.


Statement Letter for Installment Payment of Education Fees

Requirements for Submitting UKT Payment Installments

Make a letter requesting UKT payment installments to the Dean of FITK, by attaching:

  • Death Certificate (if parents pass away);
  • Doctor's Certificate stating the type of illness (if the parent is seriously ill);
  • Pension Certificate (if parents retire);
  • Layoff Certificate (if parents are terminated from employment);
  • Low Income Certificate from the Office (PNS/BUMN/Private) or from RT/RW/Lurah (other than PNS/BUMN/Private/Office Employees)
  • UKT Installment Payment Statement Letter, download here;
  • Transcript of grades for each semester;
  • Proof of Non-Academic Achievement (if any).




  1. Accreditation Document Info
  2. Dean's Performance Contract with Vice Dean, Study Program, and Head of TU Division
  3. IAPS 4.0 files
  4. IKU FITK 2019-2020
  5. Sarmut Form and FITK Work Program
  6. Undergraduate Thesis Guidelines
  7. 2019-2020 (Odd) FITK Lecturer Meeting Material 
  8. 2019 PPL PPG Guidelines
  9. SKPI Guidelines
  10. FITK Student Activity Guidelines
  11. UIN Jakarta Accreditation Certificate
  12. Study Program Accreditation Certificate
  13. E-SMS technical guidelines
  14. IKU Quarter 4 (October-December 2019 FITK)
  15. Instructions for Implementing In-Office Meetings (RDK) 2020
  16. Instructions for Implementing Payments for UIN Jakarta 2020 Overseas Official Travel
  17. Wifi FITK
  18. 2020 FITK Agenda
  19. 2019/2020 (Even) Lecturer Meeting Material Tuesday 25/2/2020
  20. Final 2019/2020 (Even) Lecturer Meeting Material AiCI Institutional Profile
  21. 2019/2020 (Even) Lecturer Meeting Material Introduction to AI
  22. IKU Form Quarter 1 2020
  23. Teaching Decree for Even Semester 2019/2020
  24. Teaching Decree for Odd Semester Lecturers FY 2020/2021
  25. Attachment to the Teaching Decree for Odd Semester Lecturers FY 2020/2021
  26. Decree and E PLP Supervisor Lecturer certificate for Odd semester 2020/2021