HMPS Magister FITK Holds 2023 PBAK Preparatory Meeting
HMPS Magister FITK Holds 2023 PBAK Preparatory Meeting

FITK Building, FITK NEWS Online - The English Language Education Masters Study Program Association which has been officially formed through Dean's Decree Number 41/F1/HM.03.4/8 of 2023 is a milestone in the history of the establishment of study program student organizations (HMPS) at the strata II level or master of FITK UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. As the only HMPS that has been formed, HMPS MPBI collaborates with student representatives from all FITK study programs on the initiation of the head of study program and the secretary of the master's program at FITK to hold a preparatory meeting for the introduction of academic and student culture (PBAK) 2023. This meeting was held on Wednesday 23 August 2023 virtually via the zoom cloud meeting application at 19.30-21.30 WIB.

This meeting was attended by HMPS Master of English Language Education (MPBI), 2 representatives of students from the Master of Arabic Language Education (MPBA), 2 students of the Master of Islamic Education Management (MMPI), 2 representatives of students of the Master of Islamic Religious Education (MPAI) and Secretary of MPBI Dr. Wahyunengsih, M.Pd as supervisor. In this meeting it was decided that FITK Masters would hold a joint PBAK event with the theme "Strengthening the Content of Religious Moderation in FITK Masters Academic Content". Apart from that, each study program is given the opportunity to carry out events in their respective study programs after the combined PBAK is completed. In this meeting several things were finalized including:

  1. Determination of the composition of the PBAK Magister FITK committee in which Mujammilatul Halimah, S.Pd, MPBI student was elected as executive chairman, M. Ihwanul Muslimin, S.Pd as deputy chairman, Naurah Nazhifah, S.Pd as secretary and treasurer Aqielah, S.Pd.I. Apart from that, four fields were formed, namely: events, public relations, secretarial and equipment.
  2. Preparation of TOR for joint PBAK activities of FITK Masters in 2023
  3. The PBAK date will be determined on August 29 2023 starting at 07.30-17.30 WIB.
  4. Preparation of the event framework and selection of presenters.

The PBAK of Strata II Masters students at FITK is implemented with a concept that is quite different from the PBAK of Strata I students. It is hoped that in this program students can increase their learning readiness at master's level, understand the vision and mission of the organization and receive comprehensive socialization about all the facilities that students can use to can support their scientific productivity. Apart from that, PBAK is an inter-generation friendship program that can improve networking and communication between students. (Wahyunengsih)

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